hi i'm rae and i just love youtube
hiatus because of school :/

requested jian iphone 5 backgrounds

Game Grumps ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]

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The podcast is called Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig because I don’t like emotions x

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Aleks playing Five Nights at Freddy’s

"I hate that fox at Pirate Cove, dude. That fox is so shit."

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tODAY WAS SO GOOD like chem was so much fun i love that teacher a lot and then i found my personal project adviser was this super cute teacher i saw all the time last year but never knew the nAME OF AND IT’S JUST LIKE A COINCIDENCE OR FATE OR WHATVER THAT I GET HIM OUT OF A L L THE TEACHERS LMAo and photography was fun with the cute assistant teacher like ok this was a decent monday 


lllllllllllets pplay 

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here’s both of them together for all your achievement hunter needs

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Anonymous said:
Kian said he would never put it in the back but he never said he wouldn't take it from the back...

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